The company's main activity is the construction, rehabilitation and conversion of buildings, offices and stores.
Pascoalmonteiro is an IMPIC (National Institute that regulates constructions and real estate) approved Main Building Contractor with the issued licence nr. 46186-ICC wich entitles the company to carry out all sorts of procedures from earthmoving to finishings.

Pascoalmonteiro is accredited by the Portuguese Security Cabinet to intervene in environments classified as Confidential.

At pascoalmonteiro we have trained teams and qualified professionals who strive to meet demanding budgets and stringent timescales.


"The companies competitiveness is shown in its ability to be prepared for the future, namely through an appropriate structure.
Undoubtedly, in a near future, organisations will be conditioned by 3 fundamental aspects:

  • Social responsability - for it is our duty to participate in the promotion of a fairer world;
  • Environmental awareness - due to the urgent need to create a sustainable way of life;
  • Work safety - to assure people's and good's integrity.

At Pascoalmonteiro, we are daily preparing ourselves for the future."
Nuno Monteiro


We are determined in achieving each project's completion targets effectively and efficiently, through safe and sustainable ways of working. Our customer's satisfaction is our motivation and our goal.
Bearing this in mind, it is our philosophy to promote an attitude that demands all our peoplo to deliver their very best at all times, making the company's mission their own.
Our management expertise and constrution experience combined with quality workmanship enable us to meet our client's needs and expectations respecting deadlines and budgets.

Pascoalmonteiro has thus grown through quality, teamwork, honesty and trust. These principles are the basis of the relationship we establish with our customers and all our staff.